Here is a list of charities and organisations that are putting an end to domestic violence.

Whether you are a victim, onlooker, or a perpetrator, there is help available.
Click the names to be taken to their sites. Please support and donate directly to these charities too.
Everyman Project—They offer counselling to men in the London area who want to change their violent or abusive behaviour. It also has a national helpline which offers advice to anyone worried about their own, or someone else's, violent or abusive behaviour.

Respect Phoneline—They offer information and advice to partners, friends and family who want to stop someone's violent behaviour.

Women’s Aid—The national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children.

Galop—Helplines are available for anyone in the UK who is LGBT+ and has experienced domestic abuse or hate crime. They are also there for friends, family members, and professionals supporting LGBT+ victims of abuse.

Refuge—Empowering women and children to rebuild their lives free from violence and fear.

Solace—They offer free advice and support to women and children in London to build safe and strong lives.

NHS—The warning signs and getting help and support.

The Dash Charity—They provide specialist support to adults and children experiencing mental health issues, modern slavery, immigration, trafficking, homelessness and complex needs associated with domestic abuse.

The Salvation Army—They offer safety and on-going support to women and their children as well as single females who have experienced domestic abuse.

NCDV—Domestic abuse and violence emergency legal help and protection.

Men’s Advice LineThe Helpline for male victims of domestic abuse.

IDAS—A specialist charity in Yorkshire supporting anyone who has experienced or is affected by domestic abuse.

Rights of Women—A telephone advice lines provide vital free and confidential legal advice to women.

Flows—Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors. For organisations and the staff and volunteers that work in them, and for anyone who is a survivor of domestic abuse.

Southall Black Sisters—They provide advice for Black (Asian and African-Caribbean) women with issues including domestic abuse, forced marriage, immigration and homelessness.

ManKind—Helping men escape domestic violence.

SurvivorsUK—A society that acknowledges, supports, and advocates for men and non-binary people who have been affected by rape or sexual abuse.

Rape Crisis—A charity working to end sexual violence and abuse.

Hourglass—They give confidential advice and information to older people who are victims of violence or abuse.

SignHealth—They provide a specialist domestic abuse service to support deaf people in finding safety and security.
Tuesday Oct 5 2021